Do you need content in Finnish?

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Hi! My name is Tuulikki Olkkonen and I’m a native Finnish translator. I can help you address the Finnish market whether you are marketing your products or services, creating your website or need marketing materials, digital marketing or social media content or more technical product descriptions, brochures or user guides translated into Finnish.


Translations from German and English into Finnish

Working as a full time translator since 2005 under the business name Translation Service Opale, I’m focused in translating marketing content, but I’ve also done technical translations. I can help you with translating both your marketing materials and your product manuals.

See below samples of the text types I can help you with and of which I have solid experience!

market, advertising, seo

Marketing & advertising

All kinds of marketing materials with creative content like brochures, catalogues, leaflets, newsletters.

e-commerce, online shop, web

Website content

Translating websites is not just writing the text in another language, it's about creating the content for another market.

content marketing, writers, content writers

Digital marketing content

Creative and selling social media content like Facebook Ads, SEO-optimised texts, blogs and slogans for Finnish target audience.

shopping, visa, business

Product descriptions

There are cultural differences also in product descriptions, which need to be taken into account.

template, layout, website


Webstores, product texts, banners, newsletters with local approach and experience.

cogwheel, gear, gearwheel

Technical texts

Manuals, user guides, product catalogues and brochures for your products.

Fields I work with

home, at home, vases

Home & living

Interior decoration products and building materials as well as household goods.

dress, dresses, accessories

Clothing & fashion

Websites, blogs and product descriptions for clothing brands and stores.

camping gear, tent, fire

Outdoor sports, camping & outerwear

As a big fan of outdoor sports like hiking, trailrunning and skiing I offer your products translation with user experience.

globe, world, map

Travel & tourism

Hotel and room descriptions, translations for online booking platform, descriptions of travel destinations.

craftsmen, mechanic, helm

Building & construction

Brochures and catalogues as well as website texts for building tools and materials, like railings, lifts and ceramic tiles.

barrow, wheelbarrow, gardening

Tools & machinery for house and garden

Building tools and machinery like drills and saws as well as garden machinery like crass cutters.


With studies in translation and marketing and over 15 years experience as a professional translator I can help you with translating creative marketing texts for your products, but also accurate technical texts. I offer translation, revision & text editing and text adaptation & copywriting.


I translate your websites, materials and content with experience and professionalism from English and German into Finnish. Translation is much more than just the words. I will do a throughout research of the subject and channel you’re chosen, and help you deliver your message for the Finnish target audience. 



Sometimes it’s necessary to adapt the translation more. To get your marketing work I offer you creative translation. With transcreation your message will evoke the same feeling in the target culture as the source on it’s own market.



I also offer Finnish text revision and editing. Texts can be originally written in Finnish, or it can be reviewing other translators work or linguistic quality assessment.

lapland, winter, snow

Why me?

I’ve got a master’s degree in translation studies from university and I’ve been working as a professional translator since 2005 with many happy, longtime clients.

Every job will be completed carefully with attention to details and according to the tone and goal of your marketing campaign.

To be able to help you create the right marketing content for Finnish audience I attend regularly further education courses.

Since 2005 I’m a member of Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters, SKTL.