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Reach the Finnish market with fluent, culturally adapted texts and SEO

Marketing materials, product texts and websites with SEO. Engaging Finnish copy helps you sell your products. Finnish translation from English and German since 2005.

Hi! I’m Tuulikki Olkkonen, a native Finnish marketing and SEO translator. I help companies selling consumer products to reach the Finnish market by creating fluent Finnish marketing copy that’s specifically targeted at Finnish customers.

Let’s increase your brand awareness and boost your sales with search engine optimised and for the Finnish market adapted texts.

Tuulikki Olkkonen, the owner of Translation Service Opale
Map of Finland with the Finnish flag

Do you need Finnish marketing materials?

Are you selling your products in the Finnish market? Do you have an online store or a website? Do you need marketing materials and product catalogues translated into Finnish?

To reach your Finnish customers you need Finnish content. Finnish customers like to have product texts, marketing materials and online content in their language.

If you are selling your products to Finnish customers, you need your materials translated into Finnish. This is what I can help you with!

  • marketing materials
  • websites
  • web store content
  • product descriptions
  • catalogues
  • blog posts
  • newsletters

Don’t want a direct translation?

Don’t worry. My aim is always to create a text that matches the goals of your marketing campaign.

Sometimes plain translation isn’t enough to make sure your text works in the best possible way. Your content might need adapting for the Finnish market and culture. As a native Finnish translator who lives in the target country and knows the target market, I can help you.

Marketing texts often need more adapting. To get the Finnish audience to react the way you want, you probably need transcreation instead of translation. That’s a combination of translation and copywriting. Translation + creation = transcreation.

That way your message will have the same impact on the target market as the source text on its market.

Planning board is very important also for transcreation
An idea chart of search engine optimisation

Want to be found by search engines?

No problem, I can help you with that.

It doesn’t matter how good your content is if your customers can’t find it. That’s why I offer you SEO translation services, which ensure your text will be optimised for the Finnish market.

  • keyword localisation
  • keyword research
  • translation of metatags
  • SEO optimised content

What you get from me?

Your tone of voice

I get to know my customers and their products. To be able to deliver your message to a different target market, it’s important to know your terminology and tone of voice. I research your existing materials and make sure my translation matches your style.

Your message delivered

I don’t translate your texts word for word, instead, I deliver your message. Very often marketing materials can’t be directly translated into another culture and market, they have to be adapted. The translated text should evoke the same reactions as the original text does in its target market.

Naturally sounding texts

My aim is to create texts that are culturally and linguistically appropriate for the Finnish market. A literal translation is not always the best option. For me it's important that the text sounds natural and fluent like originally written in Finnish.​

Personalised service

With me, you communicate directly with your Finnish translator, who knows you and your product. There are no middlemen and you always know, who translates your content. Building lasting relationships with my customers is important to me.


What My Clients Say?

We have been working with Tuulikki since 2010 and have always been super happy with the collaboration. She receives positive feedback from clients as well as from fellow translators/reviewers. She’s reliable and responsive, always up for learning new things and very pleasant to work with. We can recommend Tuulikki for German or English to Finnish translations of marketing, technical and SEO texts.
Anne Addicks
Vendor Manager, Kolibri Online
Tuulikki is professional, friendly and reliable. She is nice to work with. Collaboration is easy with her and she provides good quality.
Lotta Pejcic
I have been working regularily with Tuulikki for over ten years now. She deliveres excellent, accurate and steady quality and works promptly and flexible. She follows instructions, meets given deadlines, is always very friendly and ready to help. It is always a real pleasure working with her.
Minna Stöckl-Hytti
Finnish translator, MA

Why Choose Me?

Fluent texts, smooth co-operation


I have a master’s degree in translation studies from university. Since 2005 I’ve been working as a professional Finnish translator with many happy, longtime clients. To be able to create the right content for your needs I attend regularly further education courses.​


Every job will be completed carefully with attention to details and according to your tone of voice and the goal of your marketing campaign.

I know your target marget

I have strong knowledge and understanding of consumer habits in the Finnish market as I live in Finland. I'm also part of your products target market so I’m able to put myself in your customer's shoes.

I'm a member of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL)