Finnish keyword research for e-commerce

  • Project type: keyword research
  • Languages: German to Finnish
  • Localisation of keywords for the Finnish market based on the German keywords
  • Keyword research to find the right names for different category pages
  • Client: cosmetics e-commerce business
  • Volume: 200+ keywords for the cosmetics online store
  • Category: SEO Translation, keyword research, cosmetics
E-commerce shopping cart

Keyword research was used to determine the names of product categories for an online store.

Finnish keyword research for beauty products

A cosmetics e-commerce business wanted to update its product category names. They wanted to have more user-friendly product categories that would also be easier found by search engines.
For this reason, they decided to choose the new category names based on keyword research. The keyword research was conducted separately for each language and market.
I did the keyword research for Finland and Finnish and helped them to choose the category names for their Finnish online store.

Each language and market uses its own keywords

The customer had already updated the category names for their German store so the German keyword research could be used as a starting point.
As every language and market behaves differently, also the keywords used differ greatly. Directly translated keywords will often not have significant search volumes in other markets.
In this project, I translated and localised the keywords used in Germany and searched their respective search volumes in Finland. After that, I determined if these keywords were suitable for the Finnish market or if there were other keywords with higher search volumes.
This job was carried out in parts and in total there were over 200 keywords that were localised for the Finnish market.

Skills needed & key features:

    • Knowledge of SEO and keyword research
    • Knowledge of cultural aspects of the Finnish market and its consumer habits
    • Localisation of keywords and use of keyword research tools
    • Researching keywords used in Finland and their search volumes
    • Determining the user intent
    • Suggesting the best-suited keywords for each category

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