Finnish transcreation of short copy texts for a website of the major bike brand

  • Project type: Transcreation of short and long copy texts and taglines for a website
  • Languages: English to Finnish
  • Ongoing, long-term collaboration
  • Playful copy with a lot of wordplay and cultural references
  • Client: Major bicycle brand
  • URL:
  • Volume: regular updates over a year by now
  • Category: transcreation, websites, sports
Finnish transcreation of short copy texts - example of a tagline

They had tried it with translation but the copy couldn’t be directly translated. It needed more adapting to the Finnish landscape, market and culture 🎯

Not just translation but transcreation into Finnish

As this bike manufacturer approached me, they were looking for a creative Finnish linguist to help them translate and transcreate their more laid-back bicycle series.

They had already previously translated and localised their other bike series, but they needed something different for this particular series. While other series concentrated more on technical details, they wanted a more playful copy for this one.

They had tried it with translation but the language and concepts didn’t translate well and the feedback they got from their local marketers wasn’t promising.

This was where I came along. I was asked to put the copywriter hat on and transcreate copy for the Finnish audience. What I did was not just a translation but a transcreation.

Skills needed & key features:

  • Combination of copywriting and translation
  • Understanding of copy texts and website copy
  • Knowledge of the Finnish market and culture
  • Writing copy that resonates with Finnish customers
  • Localising the cultural references for the Finnish market 
  • Collaboration with the client and their Finnish marketing team
  • Ongoing co-operation

Below you'll find some transcreation examples.

If you’d like to see more samples, take a look at my Finnish portfolio.

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Not just translation but Finnish copy that resonates with your Finnish customers.

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