Finnish website and e-commerce translation for a sports fashion brand

  • Project type: Localisation of the entire website and e-commerce
  • Languages: English to Finnish
  • Ongoing, long-term collaboration
  • After website and product descriptions translation of newsletters, social media ads, blog articles and short copy and taglines for the website
  • Client: Swedish equestrian fashion brand, Maya Delorez
  • URL:
  • Volume: over 100.000 words by now
  • Category: websites, marketing, product descriptions, e-commerce, fashion, sports
Finnish website and e-commerce translation for a Swedish sports fashion brand

⁠⁠In this project, I got to use my knowledge of sports and fashion, marketing translation experience and creativity – all the things I love 🧡⁠⁠

Finnish website and e-commerce to help expand internationally

Swedish equestrian fashion brand was expanding internationally and one of their largest markets was Finland. They needed their whole website including e-commerce and blog articles translated into Finnish.
The scope of the website translation included a diverse range of content, spanning from product descriptions of sportswear items such as hoodies, tops and socks, to more specialised riding apparel like breeches.
Furthermore, the project included fundamental resources such as FAQs and Terms & Agreements, alongside other marketing elements like blog articles, interviews, short copy texts, SEO-optimised content and ads.
This is a long-term project and partnership which continues still today.

Skills needed & key features:

  • Website localisation with an understanding of UX
  • Fashion translation for sports fashion
  • Marketing translation and transcreation for short copy, newsletters and ads
  • SEO translation knowledge
  • Linguistic QA of the site
  • Collaboration with the client and translators of other languages
  • Ongoing co-operation

What my clients say

Working with Tuulikki is a pleasure! She’s a skilled language professional and a trustworthy expert in her field.

Our communication has always been quick and easy and she’s appreciated by our whole team for her swiftness and precision. Thank you, Tuulikki!

Erika De Colle

Customer Service & Translator, Maya Delorez

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