Fashion items, clothes

Project: Translation of fashion product descriptions for a major fashion brand

  • Project type: Translation from German/English to Finnish
  • Ongoing translation of product descriptions for website and online store
  • Client: major fashion brand
  • Dates: project started in 2012, ongoing co-operation in a team of several translators
  • Volume: more than 700,000 words by now
  • Category: fashion, product descriptions, marketing

Fashion product descriptions from German to Finnish

A major fashion brand wanted their website and online store translated into Finnish along with many other languages.
The project was coordinated by a translation agency and it involved many linguist. I’ve been working for this account for over 10 years in a team of several Finnish translators. 
The project included translation of product descriptions for clothing, footwear, accessories, jewellery and housewares from German and sometimes from English to Finnish.

I got to use my knowledge of sports and fashion, marketing translation experience and creativity.

This is a long-term project and partnership which continues still today.

Skills needed & key features:

  • Website localisation with understanding of UX
  • Fashion translation for sport fashion
  • Marketing translation and transcreation for short copy, newsletters and ads
  • SEO translation knowledge for meta titles and descriptions
  • Linguistic QA for the site
  • Collaboration with the client and translators for other languages
  • Ongoing co-operation