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Translating your website is very important for communicating with your customers. Several studies show that most people like to browse the internet and shop online only in their own language. According to a 2014 Common Sense Advisory report, 75% prefer to buy products in their native language.
By localising your website into Finnish, you can reach your Finnish customers. English speaking websites or marketing content will not be effective.
Website localisation involves also the adaptation of different elements. These include e.g. converting the local currencies and units of measure. Also, proper formatting of dates, addresses and phone numbers is crucial. As a result, your website is more attractive to local customers and they will be more likely to buy from you.
The cultural aspect is also very important in website localisation. The localised content often needs some cultural adaptation like modifying to suit the likes and dislikes. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and to convince your target market.
As a native Finnish speaker who lives in Finland, I have a strong knowledge of the Finnish market. I understand the consumer habits and preferences of Finnish customers. As I’m part of your target market I can put myself in the shoes of your customers.
Search engine optimisation is also an important part of website localisation into Finnish. It can add a significant amount of value to your website. With SEO translation services I can help you make sure your customers find your content. This can include searching the most relevant keywords for the Finnish market and optimising your content.