Contact the founder of Translation Service Opale, Tuulikki Olkkonen

Work with me

You can contact me directly by sending me an email, using the contact form or connecting with me on LinkedIn.

Below you’ll see how it is to work with a translator and what there is for you to do!

Here's how it all works

Quote & agreement

All starts when you send me a message and tell me about your project and your goals.

As every project is different and the services needed vary I can’t give you a standard rate, but I’m glad to give you a quote.

As standard Terms of Service, I use the General Terms of Contract for Translations of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters.

Client brief

Before starting the translation, I ask you about your goals with the text. This has a big impact on the translation and the services you might need.
I also discuss with you the style and tone you want to use. If you already have a brief in place I’m happy to use it.
If you have any references or previously translated materials send them too.


Research & translation

The translation itself can be made using different tools, in an online environment or offline according to your wishes.
During the translation, I always do proper research on the subject matter and terminology, but there might be some questions I need to clarify with you.
The purpose is always to deliver the best possible text for your needs. This means writing a coherent text that reads well while keeping your goal and style in mind.

Proofreading & QA

After the translation, I always run quality assurance checks and proofread my own work.
But as two pairs of eyes are always better than one, I offer you proofreading by a second translator.
Depending on the type of text, the final checking on the layout or on the website might still be needed. With this service, you can ensure your text is flawless and works well.

How to make sure you get the best results

Customer brief and your goals with the text
Talk about your goals with the campaign
Define your target audience, tone of voice and style
Build a long-term partnership with your translator to ensure consistency

Here's what you have to do

Contact me & agree on services

Contact me and give me all the details you can about your project.

Tell me what your goals are and what services you need. This will help me to send you a detailed proposal.

Provide reference materials
Send me any reference materials you might have.
Give me your insights and discuss the questions I might have during the translation.
Review & feedback
After the delivery you should review the files. If there’s anything you would like to change or ask, I’m happy to help.
The final step is invoice and feedback.