A Few Words

About Me

Tuulikki Olkkonen, Finnish translator and transcreator

My name is Tuulikki Olkkonen, and I’m a Finnish translator and transcreator.
I have a degree in translation studies from the University of Tampere, Finland. In 2005 I found my translation business Translation Service Opale.
Before university, I worked a while in Germany in a logistic firm. Besides languages, I’ve always been keen on business, so I studied marketing and international business.

Product marketing with Search Engine Optimisation

Marketing translation was a natural choice for me as I had also studied marketing. During translation studies, my specialisation was technical communication. That’s why I’ve also done a lot of technical translations. These both together build a strong foundation for translating product marketing texts.
I have had an interest in search engine optimisation for a long time. My first jobs with keyword research I’ve done 10 years ago. At that time texts were stuffed with keywords – which is definitely not a good idea anymore. Search engine optimisation is essential for digital product marketing today.

Finnish translations for Home and Outdoors

Home & Living

Building things with my own hands has always been my thing – sometimes with great success, sometimes not. Interior design and home décor are of great interest to me.
As I had my first translations for planters, I had a boost to grow everything in my own home and garden. Since then I’ve followed gardening and outdoor furniture trends closely.
Building and construction have always been my closest technical field as I have a lot of knowledge and points of contact in that sector.

Fashion & Clothing

I’ve been sewing clothes my whole life. As I was young, I dreamed about designing clothes and earning my living with them. Clothes are my passion.

Outerwear & Outdoor products

Another passion for me is outdoor life. Translating outerwear is a natural choice as I wear them a lot. I love running in the forests, hiking and cross-country skiing.